Is there a funeral plan

One chap went to extreme lengths according to the Metro, and had the name of the Funeral Plan provider tattooed on his arm!

We don’t recommend going to such dramatic lengths ourselves, but it is important that family members do know who your funeral plan is with.

Why not photocopy the page with the plan number and contact details on it, keep one copy with your Will, and give further copies to your next of kin?

It is important that they are aware whether it is a proper prepaid funeral plan or just a life insurance policy, as there may be a prolonged claims process with life insurance policies.  They also tend to have a fixed death benefit which was probably enough to pay for a funeral 20 years ago, but may only pay a small proportion of it now.

We do recommend ensuring you get the best possible value for money when purchasing a prepaid funeral plan, so why not have a chat with one of our advisers?