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Michael Brown Independent Funeral Plan Adviser Belfast.

Independent Funeral Plan advice Belfast

I have over 30 years experience in Customer Care as a Nurse and then working in the Financial Services Industry. My own personal experience of loss would be when my Father died at a young 52 years of age. (Incredibly four of my Uncles all died at 52 years of age with a similar Heart Complaint).  That really motivated me to get involved in advising on prepaid funeral plans when I discovered what good value they are. I am pleased to be backed up by the best Research Team in the industry, so you can be sure of getting good value.

My Father had cashed in two Life Insurance Policies about 6 months before his death to pay off an overdue and disputed tax bill liability. When he died my Mother had no form of banking facility and no Will made.

Probate dragged on for almost 10  months and my Mother was totally dependent upon relatives to support a Family of 8 children. As a result of this experience, I learnt a hard lesson about Life and the necessity for appropriate Life Insurance and Will Provision and ensuring that all potential and future life unexpectancies were covered as far as humanly possible. I have always insisted with my own 3 Grown Up Children the requisite Insurance policies in place.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans are now essential as I do believe that as Life is uncertain – in fact I know it is, from personal experience.  You have to have all potential expenses covered and protected. It is futile and unfair for Family members to take the burden of a Funeral or trying to work out what way you wished to be buried and the unexpected costs involved etc. That is a recipe for family quarrels, not a peaceful send-off.  Very few funeral directors will carry out a funeral without being paid before they do any more than collect the body to secure the business.   With a prepaid funeral plan in place, you can be certain that the undertaker will at least be paid automatically for his services (though you do have to make sure the family are aware of who the plan provider is and what the procedure is to put the wheels in motion.)

Forward planning is better than no Planning. Prepaid Funerals are a necessity and not to be put on the long finger for decision making. It is exactly the same in many ways as taking out Life or Car Insurance policy-a NECESSITY.  There are plans and payment options to suit most people – just give me a call for an informal chat on 028 907 99 235 or 07534 339 325.

Funeral Plan Advice Belfast.