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Funeral Plan Advice Hartlepool Jim Gillespie Prepaid Funeral Plan Adviser

Jim Gillespie Prepaid Funeral Plan Adviser

Jim Gillespie is Best Funeral Plans local independent Prepaid Plan adviser for Hartlepool funeral plan advice. He is on 01429 299 299 or 07932 151076. He is happy to visit people in the surrounding areas too.  He has been active offering financial and legal advice in the area for many years.  With the rising cost of funerals, and the rapid increase in funeral related debt, Jim realised long ago that there was a real need for prepaid funeral to cushion families against the inflating cost of funerals. As Jim says “Funeral Plans are an important part of your general legal and financial planning and everyone should ideally have one.”

“Over the years a number of my clients have come back to me, after the death of a loved one and thanked me for putting the funeral plan in place.”

Hartlepool Funeral Plan Advice – which one is best for you?

So he joined up with Best Funeral Plans to take advantage of our specialised Prepaid Funeral Plan research department.  Best Funeral Plans keep him up to date with the costs, benefits and downright misleading advertising of some parts of the “funeral plan” industry.  Jim can be sure of offering the most suitable funeral plan in terms of price and features with the help of the Best Funeral Plans Research team, so whatever your needs, Jim can find a plan which is just right for you.

Don’t find out when a funeral plan doesn’t pay for a funeral plan the hard way.  That is when your family get an unexpected large bill, even before it can take place..

Why not contact Jim today?  His contact numbers are 01429 299 299 or 07932 151076. Or you can use the form at the foot.  That way you can have sound independent advice and a great deal on your prepaid funeral plan. And he won’t complain if you want to sort out a Last Will and testament, a Trust or mortgage or life insurance! Jim is equally at home reducing the impact of Inheritance Tax on your estate. Holistic planning is the jargon, but Jim will be happy to help you, whichever service you need.

Jim Gillespie Prepaid Funeral Plan Adviser Hartlepool c/o Direct Will Writers 87 Stockton Road Hartlepool TS25 1SJ.

Prepaid funeral plan advice is also available from Jim in County Durham on the North Sea coast of North East England, in Middlesbrough and south to Sunderland. The Borough of Hartlepool includes outlying suburban villages including Seaton Carew, Greatham and Elwick, so please do call Jim if you are considering investing in a prepaid funeral plan.