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Keith Roache is the local Independent Manchester funeral plans adviser.  He is travels a lot seeing clients so can see clients in a much wider area – see below.

Funeral Plans Manchester.

You can contact Keith on 0800 088 7696  or 07968 140447.

Why Prepaid Funeral Plans?

I have one client whose husband went into hospital for blood tests and sadly did not come out, he was 54 and they had been married 26 years with one daughter. He also had a daughter from another relationship. 
He died without a will and no funeral plan. She was forced to cash in her Civil Service pension to pay for the funeral. It cost £6,000! She subsequently found out he had significant credit card debts. 
The financial and emotional strain this put on the family was enormous. 
She contacted me after this had happened and after our meeting the client subsequently put the property into trust, wrote her will and power of attorney and purchased her funeral plan as in her words “I don’t ever want my family to go through this again

Over the last ten years it has become a subject raised during client consultations. But increasingly more frequent during the last few years with the double effect of increasing funeral costs and low interest rates on savings.


As an adviser who has looked after clients since 1983 initially as an Independent Financial Adviser and now as a Senior Estate Planner             Keith Roache brings this experience to each client consultation.

After holding the Full Financial Planning Certificates Keith decided in 2003 to concentrate in the area of later life planning particularly Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney.

Why Funeral Plans?

Funeral Plan SalesI wanted to offer my clients all of the market as I did when I was a financial adviser so the Best Funeral Plans Research Service was the obvious choice for my clients and myself. They provide me with up to date research on the value for money offered by prepaid funeral plan companies – there are many.  They also point out the major pitfalls with some plans which you would normally think would be good solid plans.

Areas covered

With clients from Cheshire to the Scottish border I am happy to offer a home visit to undertake a consultation to ensure my services and products can assist clients with their later life planning requirements.

To book your appointment please call 0800 088 7696 or complete the form below, or visit my website.