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Jerry Williams is a great believer in prepaid funeral plans.   And he has the Best Funeral Plans research team to help him to provide the best possible advice on prepaid funeral plans in the Porth area.

Independent advice on prepaid funerals

Prepaid Funeral Plan Porth

The advantages of prepaid funeral plans are considerable.  With the economic instability of the last few years, relying on savings (earning derisory rates of interest) to cover the cost of a funeral is more important than ever before.  Prepaid funeral plans offer a cost-effective and sensible alternative. But which is best for you?  Which ones are really bad? Ask Jerry! You can contact him on 01443 684007  or on his mobile: 07861 216474 or use the form below.

With the interest rate for savings accounts currently sitting at around Jerry Williams Funeral Plans1.5%  and funeral costs continuing to rise well above the general level of inflation; many savers can be left with a significant shortfall when the time comes to make funeral plans.  And that is assuming that the bank will allow the grieving family access to the funds.  It may be tempting to dip into savings earmarked for funeral costs.   A new car or a holiday, for example, may drain the funds.

Best-Funeral-Plans-Member-1It makes good financial sense to plan ahead for the inevitable by arranging one of the many plans we can offer from a number of funeral plan providers – contact us today to discuss your requirements.

More than just Prepaid Funeral Plans:

At AMIFA Financial Engineering we strongly recommend that you start planning sooner not later. When should you start planning for your demise?

The answer is sooner than later as we just do not know what is around the corner, whether it be our death or an injury or illness which robs us of our mental capacity. Because of this uncertainty it is prudent to plan ahead. When it comes to protecting assets from inheritance tax we need to consider long time frames. The same applies to care fees. However, if these are major concerns to you we have products and strategies that can mitigate these fears in shorter time frames.However, the sooner you start the better! Losing your mental capacity can have dire consequences – this could be an age related condition or through an accident which cannot be foreseen so arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney so that a trusted one can handle your financial affairs and make decisions on your health and welfare is of paramount importance. We can advise on and arrange all these aspects and more so contact us sooner rather than later – the consequences of not doing so can be catastrophic. – See more at AMIFA.

Prepaid Funeral plan advice in Mid Glamorgan.