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Extra Income / Free Servicing Support for Professional Advisers

This article is aimed at providing extra income for anyone who advises clients on financial or legal matters – typical users would be Will Writers, Solicitors, Financial Advisers, Accountants and Charities. It advises how we can help bring wasted opportunities in-house to boost your bottom line. Paraplanners can pay for themselves!

The idea is that your support staff start asking one or two extra questions when they (ideally) speak to clients each year to see if anything has changed and they need further professional advice. Clearly, the service can be added to letters, checklists, booklets, websites etc.

From our point of view that question is “Has your family considered or taken out a prepaid funeral plan, as we now have access to free independent advice on them?” Clearly, you are more likely to get a beneficial response from older clients, but most of the younger ones have parents!

This approach may mean that you can offer a better service proposition to otherwise less profitable clients who can potentially start producing referrals for both sides of the business.

We can also offer a little help with your Search Engine Optimisation once you have started processing a few applications, by giving you a page on this site to describe your services. It can also link to your main site.

Extra income for professional advisers

A single adviser firm with a good client bank in the right age group who follows the process diligently could add £50,000 income – more than enough to pay for a first class administrator for support and to do the work on funeral plans.

Sounds like a lot of work for the extra income? 

Not a bit of it – the structure of prepaid funeral plans is fairly straightforward, and we have already done all the work analysing the market. That is updated every time we discover any changes in the market, which sometimes is several times in a single week. Sometimes nothing happens for a whole month!

We keep track of all the significant providers in the funeral plan market, even the ones who will not allow third parties to sell their products. All our members are updated automatically, so they have the latest information at their fingertips within minutes.

Is there a contract for professional advisers to sign?

Yes there is, but you will probably never see a fairer agreement. Essentially, the main requirement is that the initial request to add an agency must come through us, so we get our little bit extra. We undertake that that will NOT be to your disadvanage – the sole exception being where that provider refuses to accept you, and we may have to service your cases,

What about the Cost?

We make no charge for our service, and 99% of the time you will receive the full product fee direct to your bank account from the product provider. The only exception is where we are unable to persuade the provider to give you a direct agency.

We do charge for our members training meetings, but only to cover costs and there is no requirement to attend. Initial training is a combination of reading and hand holding over the phone. With larger firms we can set up in house training at cost should it be required. Many providers offer addition free training.

We are also developing another offering which wil shortly be available to those who do not currently offer legal services.

Extra income for professionals – will writers, financial advisers, IFAs, accountants, solicitors