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Best Funeral Plans is here to help you learn about Prepaid Funeral Plans and introduce you to Independent Funeral Plan Advisers across the United Kingdom.  Why not join the 1,100,000 people (rapidly rising) who have made the prudent and thoughtful decision to transfer some of their savings into a plan.  But which one? You may think they are all much the same.  However, if you read the small print very carefully (and understand it) you will find that is not the case.   Our Research Department has done the work, so why not take advantage of it rather than either gamble or spend weeks researching? Investing in a prepaid funeral plan is about Peace of Mind after all.

How to find a local independent Funeral Plan Adviser.

Best-Funeral-Plans-Banner1Just click on your area of the UK, then on your County, then on the nearest Town.  OR use our (experimental) MAP HERE.   If there isn’t a Best Funeral Plans member in that area, we are trying to find one, just use our general enquiry form and we will be pleased to help from the Research Department. Prepaid Funeral Plans are more complicated than they look, yet most people buy one from a website or a salesman who sells the products of a single company.  They are never going to tell you that you could get a better plan for (perhaps) £1000 less from another company.  But the member advisers listed on this site are committed to providing independent advice, not just selling one companies products. Best Funeral Plans Members also have back up research facilities if you have unusual requirements.

Some of the issues to look out for when buying a prepaid funeral plan:

  1. Check that the plan actual covers the funeral. Unbelievably, some don’t and it is quite hard to work out how they avoid that without being misleading (we think some are!)
  2. Your money must be invested in a fund which is ring-fenced from the firm and managed independently.  The cheque should always be payable to the funeral plan company and not the undertaker. We have heard of funeral directors who do not fully understand their legal obligations in this area, and that could put your cash at risk.
  3. Most (but not all) insurance based plans have no cash value or you miss payments (so you lose everything.)  In most cases, the death benefit does not rise with inflation.  So every year, the gap between the cost of a funeral and the death benefit leaves more and more for those left behind to pay. So the free pen or carriage clock may not lead to the best deal for you!
  4. Being tied into a specific funeral director or chain of funeral directors can create all sorts of problems if you later on find that you need to move to an area they don’t cover.   That could lead to extra costs in the old funeral director making a return journey to collect you and to have a funeral in a place which was your home 20 years ago.
  5. Does the funeral plan allow for family and friends to attend?  Many cheaper ones don’t, they just collect you and take you to a crematorium which may be 40 to 200 miles away.   You are then cremated immediately, with no opportunity for family or friends to attend and mourn.  This is just not right for most people, even if it does save a fair bit of money.

We believe that independent advice is essential if you are to be sure of investing in a quality funeral plan tailored to your wishes and budget.  Why not contact one of the independent advisers listed today?