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Cost of Burial In Scotland Soars

Scottish Burial charges up 27% on average in Just THREE years.

Citizens Advice Scotland has published its annual league table of Local Authority burial charges in Scotland.  Remember that the cost of the lair or plot is only a proportion of the whole cost, and is in addition to the funeral directors and other costs.  As we advise on prepaid funeral plans, we should also confirm that prepaid funeral plans do NOT normally cover the cost of the burial plot.  An extra allowance can be added in should you wish it.

The cost of Local Authority burial plots across Scotland has increased on average by over £250 since 2014 – that’s three and a half times the rate of inflation.

(If you were looking for advice on prepaid funeral plans in Scotland, go here.)

Citizens Advice Scotland annual league table  is available to download.  Key findings include:

• The average burial plot in Scotland costs £1,428 in 2017, an increase of 5.5%.
• Since 2014, the average increase is 27% (just over £250).
• Cremation charges have also increased in Scotland this year, with the average rising by £25, to £743. (Note fr

CAS consumer spokesperson Ruth Mendel said:

“This year we again see an increase in burial costs across most areas, though it is notable that a quarter of Scottish Councils froze their charges from last year.

“What is striking is that the average charge has increased by 27% since 2014, which is 3.5 times the rate of inflation. That is a substantial increase at a time when many families will have seen their incomes fall.

“Our data also shows that there remains a postcode lottery in burial costs in Scotland, with some Councils charging significantly higher fees than others just a few miles away.

“Bereavement is a difficult time for any family, and the financial side of planning and paying for a funeral or cremation can of course compound the emotional difficulties, particularly for those who are on lower incomes or where the bereavement is unexpected.

“In publishing this data we hope to sensitively encourage people to think ahead and plan for funeral and cremation fees. And while we understand the financial pressures that Local Authorities face, we urge them to consider the impact that high burial charges can have on people at what can be one of the most difficult times in their lives.”  

NB The burial charge tables in our report include only the costs charged by the Local Authority for the lair (grave) and internment fees. This data does not include fees charged by Funeral Directors, florists, churches, receptions etc. These would be additional.