What is the Cheapest Funeral Plan?

Which is the Cheapest Funeral Plan?

That is a question we often get asked.  Here at Best Funeral Plans, our research has show that the cheapest possible funeral plans are generally divided into two classes:

1) The Not Really A Funeral Plan Plan Part 1.

Paying part of the cost

Paying part of the cost

Many companies offer a cut down plan which covers ONLY the funeral directors costs, leaving the family to pay anywhere between one third and one half of the costs at the time of the funeral.

They are far better than nothing, but the problem is that many firms do not make it very clear that that is what you are buying.   Even our Research Department sometimes has to ring up and ask specific questions to find out what is included.   Paying the cremation costs, the doctors and ministers fees can easily eat up £1100 or more even at todays’ costs.

The Not Really a Funeral Plan Plan has its’ uses, as long as you and those around you understand what you have bought. If you don’t, then you could be unintentionally storing up a big problem when the demand for payment before the funeral comes in. That is one reason why our Members independent guidance can be so useful.

The Not Really A Funeral Plan Plan Part 2.

Life insurance plans are often bought to pay for funerals.  Most of them make no allowance for inflation, so you start off with enough cover, but in 5 years there is a one third shortfall and in ten years you might only cover half the cost. In many cases you can pay in more than the cost of the funeral!

Much better to buy a proper funeral plan in installments – at least you won’t lose everything if a few years down the line your miss an installment or two whilst away or in hospital due to a bank error.   You can buy a proper funeral plan in installments over as long as 10 years, or interest free over up to 2 years, and the more you can put down as a deposit, the lower the installments,

2) Direct Cremation – the cheapest funeral plan.  But not for everyone.

Direct cremation is an option in which the body removed and cremated in the days immediately after the death, without a funeral service. It is the cheapest option, but it offers no possibility of the family being involved or saying a proper goodbye. And people often forget that friends may be even more upset than some family members if they are deprived of the chance to say a traditional farewell.

Costs are lower because once the deceased is taken by the undertaker, the family have no more involvement unless they are able to get the ashes back.   The funeral director will book an out of hours time at the cheapest crematorium within reach.  No one other than the undertaker will be allowed attend.

That is it.

This is the cheapest funeral plan for sure, but very few people have no one that cares for them at all, so it is not an option we would generally recommend.  But as ever, it is horses for courses! The most common reason for choosing this type of plan is that the family live overseas and it would not be realistic to fly back.  But that still leaves friends out.

To find out which is the cheapest funeral plan for you (or the most suitable) just contact one of our members above.