Privacy Policy

Who are we? We are the Funeral Plan Advice Service Ltd trading as Best Funeral Plans.

Our address is 2 Hankham Street, Pevensey BN24 5BG and the data protection officer and the responsible person is Stephen Pett. We provide research services to over 100 independent funeral plan advisers, not all of whom are listed on this site.

The purpose of data processing is to provide information and advice about funeral plans to people where we have your legitimate interest or your consent to do so. As far as Best Funeral Plans is concerned we only deal with incoming enquiries, we do not cold call in any shape or form.

Data obtained from 3rd parties will be passed to Best Funeral Plans under consent. However further processing by Best Funeral Plans will be undertaken using legitimate interest as the legal basis for the processing.

What personal data do Best Funeral Plans process? In order for us to provide a suitable recommendation to you we will process the following data: your name, date of birth, contact details, the availability of funds to buy a funeral plan with one payment or by instalments and your funeral preferences. From time to time potential clients may provide additional data which we may use to improve our advice and service.

Normally we would only expect to obtain data about the person enquiring, although in some cases the person enquiring may provide data about other parties. In those circumstances, the interest and information would need to be confirmed by the other parties concerned. (For example, a woman providing data about her husband or other relative.)

Recipients of data would be ourselves or individuals and businesses who are members of the Best Funeral Plans Research Group.

Data will be retained for not more than 2 years unless removal is requested or the client is given advice. The reason for the 2 year period is that some people take that long to make a decision. Most data will be deleted far earlier than this.

From time to time we may ask you for information or additional information in order to provide advice or review our advice concerning funeral plans. You may refuse to provide such information should we request it.

We have no automated decision making systems and profiling is on an entirely personal basis to better tailor advice.

If you do not want us to use your personal information for marketing purposes, please send us an email at Your opt out will not apply to personal information provided to us as a result of purchasing a funeral plan or any other transaction between you and us (as that information does not relate to marketing).



You have certain rights which are set out in law relating to your personal information. These rights are set out below. You can exercise any of these rights by emailing us at


You have the right to obtain a copy of the information we hold. This is known as a data subject access request. You will not have to pay a fee to access your personal information, unless we believe that your request is clearly unfounded, repetitive or excessive. In such circumstances we can charge a reasonable fee or refuse to comply with your request. We will try to respond to all legitimate requests within one month. Occasionally it may take us longer than a month and in that case we will notify you and keep you updated.


You have the right to question any information we hold about you that you think is wrong or incomplete. We will take steps to check its accuracy and, if necessary, correct it.


You also have the right to:

1         object to our use of your personal information (known as the right to object);

2        ask us to delete personal information (known as the right to erasure);

3        request the restriction of our use of your personal information; and

4        ask us to stop using your personal information if there is no need for us to use it (known as the right to be forgotten).

There may be legal reasons why we need to keep or continue to use your personal information, which we will tell you if you exercise one of the above rights.


Where we use your personal information on the basis of your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time. If you withdraw your consent, we will not be able to advise you about funeral plans.

You may ask us to transfer your personal information to a third party. This right only applies to automated information which you initially provided consent for us to use or where we use the information to supply a funeral plan for you.

If you exercise one of these rights and are not satisfied with our response, you have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office and they can be contacted at this address:

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, reference number ZA146740, The Funeral Plan Advice Service Ltd trading as Best Funeral Plans.