How will your funeral be paid for?

2 million+ people over 60 don’t know how their funeral will be paid for.

Have you family always got the odd few thousand pounds spare?

Perhaps not, but almost two thirds of us are willing to leave it to chance rather than take the bull by the horns and take charge of the situation by getting advice on proper prepaid funeral plans.

So many families have to get into debt to pay for a funeral (which leads to further problems often.)

We are all going to go at some time, so surely it make sense to freeze the costs as far as possible and avoid financial problems for those left behind?

Where and how we are finally laid to rest is one aspect of a dignified end of life. It has to be best to leave things so that saying goodbye is the issue, not scrabbling around trying to find thousands of pounds which often be required before the funeral can take place.

Of course, it’s a sensitive issue, but sorting it all out in advance helps to prevent heated disputes where family members all “know” exactly what you would have wanted, but all see your wishes differently. Many family feuds start over funeral arrangements. Even if you can’t afford a funeral plan, writing out your wishes can be helpful for all concerned. But funeral plans are primarily about taking the financial and getting your basic wishes set out well in advance with the practical arrangements for a funeral and how it should be paid taken care of. That alone saves a lot of worry and difficulty at a deeply upsetting time.

Putting it off can be expensive – five years or so the cost of funeral and funeral plans was half what it is today and the cost of funerals is rising each year. That is a trend that is set to continue. It is predicted that even a basic funeral will cost over £5,000 by 2020. Starting today will save money in the long run.

Start planning – funeral plans allow you to begin thinking about the service, if you wish to. You might like to be laid to rest, music and other details can be tailored to your individual wishes.

If you do decide to take out a pre-paid funeral plan, it’s also important to make your family aware of it – perhaps they will want to set one up too.

We can shop around for you – there are many plans available so it’s important that you take independent advice to find one that suits you and your needs. Not all plans are the same so make sure you understand what is and is not included. Some of the adverts for funeral plans are (in our opinion) downright misleading. For example, some plans pay only the funeral directors costs – and not the actual cost of the funeral which also includes other costs which can easily run to a couple of thousand pounds!

You can read the small print of dozens of different plans – or you can leave it to us.

So why not contact one of our members today? They will look after you.