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The Queens Funeral Plan

The Queens Funeral Plan.

The Queens funeral

Queen Elizabeths Funeral Plan

Queen Elizabeths funeral plan is not quite the same as one that your or I might have. Our Research Team can’t find a funeral plan which matches the estimated cost of £10 million or so.  The most we can find is a very bespoke plan at £20,000, though the average is currently around £3,000.

Winston Churchill’s funeral was a bargain £700,000 at today’s prices, though the family picked up some of the bill.

It was reported that the cost of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, which fell just short of a state event, was around £4.5 million at today’s prices or (at the time) 6p of every person in Britain, or 15p for every household. A spokesman for Lady Thatcher’s family said it was “extremely good value”.
Using costings which have been adjusted for inflation, Lady Thatcher’s funeral was five times more than the cost of Winston Churchill’s farewell in 1965. Funeral cost inflation is nothing new.

Lady Thatchers funeral was cheaper than the £7.5million cost of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mothers funeral in 2002.  Princess Diana’s funeral, at around £8 million in today’s money. But if you really want to go for the big time in funeral spending, you have to travel well back in time to June 323 BC.

Alexander the Greats final words were (allegedly) “I forsee a great funeral contest over me.” But at an estimated cost of £500,000,000 in today’s money, that is a big funeral bill.

Some accounts of Alexander’s death claim that he was preserved in a vat of honey and encased in glass.  Others that he was placed inside an elaborate solid gold sarcophagus,  encased in a solid gold casket. The gold shrine was transported from Babylon to Macedonia on a gold carriage, a team of upwards of sixty horses and a specially constructed road built to hold the weight and size of the procession.  We don’t think its’ like will ever be seen again.

But we digress.  Apparently, when the Queen dies, a code phrase such as “London Bridge has fallen” will go round the Commonwealth to give advance warning of Queens death, before a public statement is made.  That will allow leaders to prepare statements in good time.  Then the Queens funeral plan, prepared long ago and regularly updated, will swing into smooth action, and Prince Charles will be King.